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7 Easy Website Development and Design Tips to follow in 2015

December 24, 2015

Web technology is emergent in accordance with the trend, market demand as well as fashion. When that time comes, how do you make your website better and more professional than others Competitors?

Planning a website Development & design is something that is interesting and challenging for those who are doing their business offline. You should be able to meet the expectations of many users that are interested in you business.

Before we start discussing, we have to first analyze our business for purpose and objective for what we want to develop website as well as targeted users in accordance with geographic location, Gender, Age and other several factors. If we are clear with objective and purpose we can easily present and explain it to website development Company.

7 Easy Website Development and Design Tips to follows in 2015 are as follows:

Current mobile technology has revolutionized the world. Almost more than 70% of Internet users switch to using mobile devices. Is a wise thing to consider adaptability your web to mobile devices such as tablet, ipad, smart phones and may smart watch which recently launched. So it is very important to that website is supported in Mobile technology.

We often see, many websites filled with ads, pop ups or intimidation to download certain programs to users. In addition to making access becomes severe, it also makes the user to quickly go out of your website. And try to clean from things that are less tidy as inappropriate layout. Clean and neat website Design looks more professional than more design stuff in Website design for effectiveness.

  • Page Loading Speed

This is a major factor for the user; the slow loading website will make the user to quickly switch to a competitor’s website. Although now speed internet connection hastened, but this does not assurance the speed of the website are also increasing rapidly. Use pictures or video that has a size that is easy to load.

  • Good Website Navigation

Good Website navigation is not less important, because user communication starts from here. Place the navigation key buttons with clear, easily understandable and user-friendly.  User- friendly website is visit more by every user as they can find information and content they want easily. Set the navigation flow directly and not rotating twist.

  • Spelling and Grammar in Website matters a lot

Some people have no easiness in matters of grammar and spelling. They can be very infuriating to send hundreds of emails argumentative about the error. Further, check grammar and spelling in the article and in the structure of the website to make your website more qualified and user also valued your matter (content /information) which you want to convey them with your website.

  • Broken Links

Avoid Broken links, this being a sign of whether this website is maintained by professional or not. This became a bad practice for the user when they collide pace in a stalemate. Re-check every link on the website, and make sure none of the dead links. It creates bad impression on users as well as on Search engines.