Google Algorithm Update on April 2018

August 19, 2018

If you noticed any unusual fluctuation in your traffic this year, it might be related to the most recent Google algorithm update. Google announced on Twitter that it released another algorithm update on Monday, 4/16/2018. This is another routine update that Google does a few times a year.

In the confirmation tweet, Google SearchLiaison referenced the recent March 2018 Google algorithm update for additional information. This indicates that this algorithm update, like last month’s, is not meant to penalize sites, but to boost the relevancy of the results returned by rewarding under performing sites.

Google Algorithm Update April 2018

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This past month, Google has once again launched a new set of algorithm updates that continue to optimize search. One of the latest updates is the Google Speed Update, which aims to implement mobile loading speed as a search ranking factor. Mobile SEO has been gaining more traction over the past year, which is in line with the growing number of mobile users using search on their devices. We have covered mobile optimization in detail previously, and with the updates rolling in, it is time to re-open the discussion. Here are some of the most important updates during June and July 2018, and how to optimize your website to comply with these changes.

Page loading speed is an important ranking factor in Google, as it directly affects the user experience. If a website takes too much time to load, users will prefer to view a different website altogether, thus reducing your chances of helping your traffic grow. With the Google Speed update, loading speed is once again in the spotlight, this time on mobile. With mobile loading speed a ranking factor, mobile optimization is the key to making it all work better for your website